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Living the Kingdom TODAY

For this week of Sep 23

The Narrow Door to the Kingdom

This week, as you continue to reflect on Luke 13:22-35 each day, remember you can consistently catch what God is doing

right around you and participate in God’s work –  any day, any time, any place, with anyone. Here are question to help guide you:


Reflect on specific times this past week when you were intentionally Living the Kingdom Today.  What makes this challenging for you?  Pray for your week ahead, that this might be your daily attitude:  “Lord, I’m committed to Living the Kingdom  Today.”


Read Luke 13:22-30.  What does it mean to “enter through the narrow door”?  Have you entered the narrow door yourself, and if so how do you know?  What’s the difference between simply being around God and truly knowing God? 


Read Luke 13:22-30.  What does it mean when the owner of the house “closes the door” and how is this therefore a serious matter?  What are specific ways you can maintain a sense of urgency as you interact with people in your daily life?


Read Luke 13:31-35.  What stands out to you about God’s character and heart in verse 34?  How can this give you hope in your own relationship with God, and/or for those you are currently praying for? 


Read Luke 13:22-35.  For the people knocking outside the closed door, how might their priorities have been misplaced?  As you “take inventory” of your own life, what prevents you from consistently partnering with God and bearing spiritual fruit on a daily basis?


What is your #1 takeaway from this week’s passage?  Looking back over the past week, what steps have you been intentionally taking in your daily mission of Living the Kingdom Today?