Future short term missions information will be posted when available. Though this virus season has affected travel, we have continued to remain in close contact with our all of our short-term missionary partners, including: Phil and Corenne Smith in Brazil, Mike and Becky Mann in Thailand, and Rifu Oasis Chapel in Japan. Our hearts and prayers have not stopped going out to all the world for the sake of kingdom of God.


Corenne and Philip Smith

Corenne and Philip Smith are missionaries with (American Baptist) International Ministries in Brazil. Philip is founder and CEO of Hope Unlimited for Children. Since 1991, this ministry has provided residential and vocational training programs for children living on the streets in Brazil. The ministry has sites in Campinas (City of Youth) and in Vitoria (Hope Mountain). GVBC has sent 3 teams since 2017 to serve alongside the Smiths at Hope Mountain.


Dan and Casi Brown

Dan and Casi Brown have been missionaries with SIM/Asian Access since 2012, and are serving at Oasis Chapel in Rifu, Japan. They are a bridge between the church and the community, and are involved with building relationships through English cafe classes, PTA at schools, neighborhood councils, and more. They work under the leadership of Pastor Makito Matsuda. GVBC has sent summer teams to assist in the work at Oasis Chapel since 2013.


Jojo and Heather De Guzman

Jojo and Heather De Guzman have been missionaries with Cru since 2006. They have served in Asia to fulfill the Great Commission, to win people to faith in Jesus Christ, and to train and disciple them to be disciples in their spheres of influence. Their work included college students and young professionals. They have been reassigned and are currently serving at the Cru headquarters in Florida as they await their next assignment.


Tommy Dyo

Tommy Dyo has served with the Epic Movement, a ministry of Cru, since 2006. The Mission of Epic Movement is to win, build, and send Asian American students and faculty to reach the world for Christ. Tommy started as the National Executive Director for the Epic Movement, and since 2015 he has focused his time developing partnerships and networking for Epic Movement and Cru. He has also served as a strategic planning consultant for various organizations, including assisting in relief work in northern Japan.


Ken and Diane Kudo

Ken and Diane Kudo have been missionaries in Brazil with OC International since 1974. Ken is a gifted disciple-maker, and Diane works in the area of counseling and spiritual battle. Their ministries include church planting, training and sending Brazilian missionaries to other countries, and pastoring pastors and missionaries.


Fred and Jane Tanaka

Fred and Jane Tanaka have been missionaries with Child Evangelism Fellowship since 1962 in Japan. Their mission over the decades has been to share the Gospel with children, disciple them, and establish them in Bible-believing local churches for Christian living. They also translate, teach English, and serve as needed at the headquarters.


Mike and Becky Mann

Mike and Becky Mann have served with (American Baptist) International Ministries in Thailand since 1989. Mike is a global consultant and Becky works with the Integrated Tribal Development Foundation (ITDF) in northern Thailand. Through ITDF they have completed over 300 water projects for hill tribe villages without access to clean water. GVBC has sent teams to partner with them for 5 water projects since 2015.


James Choung

James Choung has been with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship since 1996 and currently serves as the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation. InterVarsity currently has witnessing communities on almost 700 U.S. college campuses, but they want to partner with other ministries and churches to reach all 2,500 campuses by the year 2030. James oversees evangelism, planting, discipleship & growth, global engagement & justice, multiethnic initiatives, and the Creative Labs. He is also the author of three books: True Story, Real Life, and Longing for Revival.


Tom Demorest

Tom Demorest has been the pastor of Citylights Church in downtown Long Beach since 2005. Tom and his wife, Val, share the type of love that Jesus teaches about in Luke 10 (the Good Samaritan) in their urban ministry. This compassionate love is personal, practical, generous, and compelling. They desire for their church to be known for this love and to bring God’s glory to the city. GVBC has sent youth to serve with them as a high school missions project each summer since 2008.


Minako Fujimoto

Minako Fujimoto has been the Nichigo (Japanese language) Coordinator at Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society (JEMS) since 2011. She facilitates the networking of many Japanese churches around conferences, training, concerts, and ministry opportunities. She has led short-term teams to Japan through JEMS. Her goal is to expand the JEMS Nichigo network as opportunities present themselves.


Cyril Nishimoto

Cyril Nishimoto has been the Executive Director of Iwa since 1997. Iwa works in partnership with Christian leaders and churches to discover and develop the needed resources that will lead to more effective evangelism, leadership development, church growth, church planting and spiritual renewal among Japanese Americans and Asian Americans. These resources include materials, programs, strategies, and training.


Grace Hayashi

Grace Hayashi has worked for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship since 2017 and is the new Senior Director of Strategy & Innovation. InterVarsity seeks to reach college students and hopes to reach every campus, in partnership with other ministries and churches. The S&I department seeks to provide strategies, resources, and space for innovation for the rest of the movement in evangelism, planting, discipleship & growth, global engagement & justice, and multiethnic initiatives.


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