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James Choung: A Rise in Spiritual Hunger

Hi ministry partners! These days, I've been hearing about a rise in spiritual hunger on campuses throughout the country. I've heard some staff (as well as campus ministers in other organizations) say that they haven't seen this kind of spiritual hunger throughout their time on staff!

The video above captures the story well. Smiley is on our Revival Council, and we've been praying for Jackson State for a while. During one of our Revival Network calls, which is open to anyone interested, three students from Jackson State joined in. They told us what was happening on campus, and then, without prompting, gave a heartfelt thanks to the 50 or so staff and other ministers on the call. They said that they wouldn't have been there if it weren't for the work that staff do, and they just wanted to let us know. By the end of the call, many of us had tears in our eyes.

By the time I write next, I'll have returned from our National Staff Conference (Jan 2-6) in Orlando. We usually meet every three years, but COVID turned this gap into four.

Please pray as we gather that His presence would be palpable among us, and we would come away refreshed and renewed. 


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